Kamagra Over the Counter

Kamagra is a cure of problems with erection. Its main constituent is Sildenafil. The preparation enhances the blood flow to the male genitals, assuring the proper erection.


The action begins about 30 minutes after the administration. Too much food and fatty products may make the beginning of its action longer.

It acts only in case of natural arousal. The lasting effect is nearly 4 hours and can change depending on such factors as age, health and individual indications of the examinees. Prior to its usage, there should be a consultation of the competent specialist. Although it is available without a prescription, it’s using must be careful.

kamagra-generic-viagraClinical trials have proven that Kamagra has fewer adverse effects.


The preparation is not advised for examinees with ailments of the cardiovascular and chronic diseases of the liver and kidneys.


One bag of Kamagra over the counter is intended for a single usage. One bag contains 50 mg. The maximal dosage is 100 mg. In some occasions, the dosage of 100 mg is contraindicated and reception must begin with 25 mg, strictly supervised by a physician. The usage of the preparation is advised about 60 minutes before sexual intercourse. Sometimes it is possible to take it ranging from 30 minutes to 4 hours the intercourse.