Stendra Over the Counter

Stendra is a preparation to overcome the problems with erection. Compared with other active ingredients, it starts to act much faster and the effect lasts longer. Thus, a risk of adverse effects is much lower. Preparation, based Avanafil, underwent clinical trials in men of various ages. In all cases, there was noted the rapid emergence of a stable erection even with minimal doses. Moreover, the ability to use it together with small amounts of alcohol makes it irreplaceable during parties or at the disco.

The Usage

stendra impotence pills

Stendra differs by the rapid onset of effect. It is enough to take it 15 minutes before the intercourse. It is advised to take not more than one pill. Effect of the preparation is up to 6 hours, but the erection occurs only through sexual contact. In rare cases the usage of Stendra may induce lung adverse effects (dizziness, nasal congestion, facial flushing). Usually, this occurs with an overdosing.

The Principle of Action

The action is similar to other medications, which help to overcome erectile dysfunction. The active substance stimulates the blood flow to the organ, due to which there is a strong potency, which appears while the sexual intercourse. In principle, the new formula of the preparation can significantly enhance this effect and increase its duration. Try Stendra over the counter and feel its almost instantaneous effect.